Wu-Tang Clan Announce New Documentary

Wu-Tang has a new documentary for their 25th anniversary of their debut album.

Put together by Certified Classics, the new Wu-Tang Clan piece will feature appearances by the members of the Wu-Tang Clan,  A$AP Rocky, A$AP Ferg, Joey Bada$$ and others.

Notably, For The Children will single out each specific cut on Wu-Tang’s debut full-length for expansive breakdowns of their creative processes and provide viewers with previously-private stories about the moments that brought the records to life.

The East Coast group’s “friends and family” are also going to appear to give their thoughts on the long-lasting, continued influence of 36 Chambers.

In addition to the documentary, there will be limited edition merchandise and they are re-releasing a limited edition run of the album on vinyl.

The documentary comes out this Friday on YouTube.



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