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Sampling has always been a part of the hip-hop culture and is an art form WE truly appreciate.

Chris Brown has been in the spotlight for a well over a decade and has put out hit after hit. His latest single comes on the heels of a 45-track album which produced 6-8 hits. That said it can be hard to drop another great song a year after dropping that many.  The single “Undecided” from his upcoming album “Indigo” definitely has a 90’s rob flavor to it and it definitely because of the sample he used.

The sample comes from Shanice and her 1993 Grammy-nominated single “I Love Your Smile”. It has that quintessential 90’s jazz flute sound which is given to us by one of the famous Marsalis brothers to no surprise.

It amazing to see this young king Chris Brown use music from when he was just a four-year-old. It shows he and his team did their research and that he has an appreciation for the generation that came before.



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