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“Shot Clock”

Sampling has always been a part of the hip-hop culture and is an art form WE truly appreciate.

Ella Mae is one of the bright young stars of the R&B resurgence. Her silky vocals, matched with her brilliant pen, and a staff of amazing producers have led her to the top of the game. One of the best songs on her debut album is “Shot Clock”. In it, she talks about the complacency of relationships and how people need to keep up with each others growth when in a committed relationship. If her flow sounds familiar its because it came from a track that came out not so long ago.

Drake dropped “If You’re Reading This Its Too Late” February of 2015 and one of the opening track “Legend” speaks on his legacy in the industry. But going back to Ella Mai’s flow, Drake used this flow on this track. Technically she didn’t sample Drake, but she interpolated his style to her current song, which is equally as fascinating.

Ella Mae is still growing into her own and she is taking cues on what does and doesn’t work in the industry. Drake obviously works in the music world and she used it to her advantage as this track continues to make progress up the charts.



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