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“A Lot”

Sampling has always been a part of the hip-hop culture and is an art form WE truly appreciate.

21 Savage is one of the brightest young rappers in the game right now. His lyricism and maturity have loved for the better and you can tell with his latest album “I am >I was”.

One of the standout tracks and the opening track none the less is proof of that. “ A Lot” features J. Cole and speaks on of having a lot of blessing in his life, but at the same time having a lot of curses to go with that. It also has a beautiful sample which has some amazing lyrics to match the song itself, yet you probably don’t recognize it.

East Of Underground came around in 1971, in the midst of America’s conflict in Vietnam. East of Underground only put out one album that WE could find in our research and on that album is the song “I Love You” which you hear sampled in 21’s song.

As 21 Savages sound evolves, it’s great to see his palate go with him. Finding different and obscure tracks that he can play with is part of maturing as an artist, but more importantly as human as he research different eras of human history.



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