Kanye In The Oval Office

Earlier today, Kanye West visited the White House to personally witness the signing of the Music Modernization Act.  After the signing, an impromptu press conference broke out. With Kanye doing most of the talking, here is what we learned:

1 – Kanye REALLY loves Trump!

2 – Kanye showed the President a photo (not nudes), of what he should be flying on

3 – Jim Brown (who also played in the NFL some years ago) was there too

4 – Kanye believes that there is an alternate universe and he is not himself in that alternate universe

5 – The MAGA hat gives Kanye power, like a superhero cape

6 – The “Yeezy” effect is responsible for saving Adidas

7 – Kanye wants to abolish the 13th Amendment.  The 13th amendment abolished slavery.

8 – Kanye now only says “powerful, lovely, universal, divine words”.

9 – Kanye believes Trump is on his “hero’s journey” right now.

10 – At the Super Bowl, Kanye wants to see President Trump and Colin Kaepernick both together wearing a “Make America Great” hat, that he designed

Yep, and the press conference was less than 20 minutes.




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