Stars Upset At Kanye

John Taggart/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Kanye West‘s post-hospitalization appearances in public have included visiting the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles last week and, today, heading to Trump Tower for a meeting with President-elect President-elect Donald Trump, who has described Kanye as a friend.

A slew of celebrities expressed their shock and dismay on Twitter upon hearing of the meeting, including Kehlani, who wrote the now-deleted tweet, “Mass genocide occurring and we’re focused on Kanye West. Wake up. #Aleppo.”

“I’m not saying don’t focus on both. But damn it must feel crazy being on the other side of it all feeling like people don’t care,” she further added, in regards to the current human rights crisis in the Syrian city of Aleppo.

Comedian and actor Orlando Jones also brought up Aleppo, writing, “I pray Kanye West told Donald Trump that the women & children dying in Syria RIGHT NOW, NEED OUR HELP! #staywoke.”

Here are a few other reactions:

Actor Josh Gad: “Trump not taking security briefings but meeting with Kanye West as he appoints Rick Perry 2 head a department he wants to end. Anyone care?”

Piers Morgan: “BREAKING NEWS: Kanye West just entered Trump Tower. This is not a drill, or a joke.”

YouTube host Philip DeFranco: “Can’t wait to see Trump tweet after this. Met with Kanye West. Tremendous American artist! Shame Jay won’t call him. Pick up the phone. Sad!”

Comedian Ricky Smith: “Kanye probably doesn’t even love Kanye anymore.”

Actress Jackée Harry: “Don’t worry, Kanye — ain’t nobody messing with THAT clique.”

Activist Kevin Powell: “Just saw video of Kanye West walking inside Trump Towers in the NYC. Can someone please go get Kanye, like for real?”

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