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Tino Cochino Podcast

Church Holes

Will someone please tell Deonne to open up and be more sexual?! Why hasn’t Tino been to church in years?


From our favorite rappers to everyone sh-tting themselves, that’s what we’re talking about this week!

Vloody Bagina

This week, we touch on the fact Milli replaces b’s with v’s…like all the time!

Pancakes On The Floor

Tino shares a story of a friend who had a syrup covered pancake just chilling on the floor and more.

The Red Power Ranger

This week Tino shares his Chris D’Elia comedy show experience…so pissed! Also, we chop it up with Ty Dolla $ign.


This week we decided to record the audio from our daily TCR post show on Instagram Live and see what happens.

Mask Off

TCR caught up with rap icon, Ice Cube! He touched on the Big 3 championship and a lot more.