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Portland Artist Spreads Positivity

This is an email WE received from a local Portland artist.

“Good Evening!

My name is Motaz and I am a singer/songwriter here in Portland. I wanted to share with you my new song/video called “16 Bars”. This project was very special and close to my heart. 2016 was a very emotional year for the world. Me personally, I have been through quite the rollercoaster. From unfortunate family trouble, to deaths, to car accidents, to relationships and much more. Mix that, on top of all the headlines from the year 2016 and I was inspired to make something positive.

I asked people all over the world, from Portland all the way to Spain, to submit to me videos of them holding a piece of paper with a message that they want to share with the world. The key was to be positive through their message and bring people together from all sorts of backgrounds and cultures.

The result is this song which has gotten an overwhelming response and lifted people’s spirits.”

Enjoy Motaz’s “16 Bars” visual above.





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