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Chris “Lucky” Stewart is on air 10-1 in-between The Breakfast Club and Ebro and Laura. He is a father first, with a baby girl named Phoenyx Ivy and a Chihuahua named Bella. Chris is also the Program Director of KWEE we 96.3. He began his broadcast career in 2005 and has broadcasted everywhere from Philadelphia Pa, to Spokane Wa, with his longest stint being in Boise Idaho from 2007-2014.

A text book Sagittarius, he enjoys spending time with his daughter and fiancé, exploring the great outdoors, health and fitness, sports and snowboarding. He is a passionate advocate for child abuse awareness participating in local charity events yearly. In 2014 he broke a world record for the longest tag team radio broadcast (102 consecutive hours) in honor of child abuse awareness month. In 2016 Chris ran 102 miles in 102 hours to raise awareness for Child Abuse in Peoria, IL, a feat which was recognized by President Obama.