Kodak Black Gets A Win In Court

David Cabrera

Kodak Black had his house raided by police back in January followed by an arrest for a bunch of different charges. He settled with prosecutors and agreed to a year in jail.

When the police raided his home they seized some really valuable things like record awards and art off the walls, computers and hard drives that had original music on it, jewelry, $28,000 in cash, and more.

The Police claim that they would return his things when the investigation was over, but they still haven’t so the rapper took it to court.

On Monday the judge ruled that police must return to the belongings, so that’s a win!

In the meantime, the rapper will be serving a year in jail and has been spending some of that time writing a book.

Here are some of the things seized by police:

iPhone and iPad
Red backpack
A FedEx envelope with bank documents
Check from Lexus
LG phone and chargers
Hard drive containing original music
$2,000 found in a desk
$152 found on a nightstand
$680 found under a mattress
$442 found in a bag
$23,253 found in a safe
Pair of purple and orange shoes
Gold metal Sniper Gang emblem with chain
Sniper Gang sweaters, vests, and t-shirts
Wall art with Sniper Gang logo
Painting with person kneeling and the words “kill bill” and “project baby”
Painting with two faces on it
Small painting with a face and highlighted gold teeth
ZTE flip phone



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