Free Money

WE are giving away $1,000 five times a day for five weeks. It’s 5:55 cause 4:44 was taken. Thanks a lot, JAY-Z.

Listen to WE 96.3 at 7:05 am, 9:05 am, 1:05 pm, 3:05 pm and 5:05 pm for our free money keywords and text them to 67760.

The more keywords you text in the better your chance to win $1,000 five times a day from Market of Choice and WE 96.3. Here are our $1,000 winners so far!

Angie Smith
Joe Tyree
Beth Ellis
Donna Kozar
Sandy Sumner
David Robertson
Chris Homes
Jason Hinojosa
Linda Hoogerwerf
Rhona Jacobsen
Josh Thornton
Laura Tabarez
Harold Claybaugh
Cami Lipps
Stacie Burt
Sue Kane
Kyle Fish
Albina Hidic
Rachel France
Holly Raines
Butch Hillman
Guadalupe Barajas
Stephen Fox
Cameron Evans
Mark Grude
Terri Mackie
Amy Santellano
Jessica Daniels
Leroy Jenkins
Heather Darr
John Marter
Sarah Paulocsak
Jason Barnes
Joy Salazar
Josie Carhaugh
Phil Olsen
Quincey Stohs
Tonya Silvers
Cameron Blaine
Craig Weber
Robert Stull



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