Chance Says Working with Kanye was Insanity

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Chance the Rapper and Get Out director Jordan Peele recently sat down to chat about life, music and even Kanye West for Teen Vogue.

The “Angels” artist tells Peele that working with Kanye was “insanity,” but also “life-affirming.”

He explains, “He’s very big on multitasking. I remember one night we had a lady who produced the Lego film, a bunch of coding people, and a magician all in a room together trying to figure out how they could make him disappear onstage. I don’t know if he ever figured that s*** out!”

Chance goes on to add, “Twenty-five percent of it is productive ideas flowing and then 75 percent is lectures from Kanye, where he tells you exactly how he views the world — just very straight Kanye honesty that definitely gets your creativity and strong opinions out on the floor. I think it helped me find myself.”

Both superstars worked together on Kanye’s seventh album The Life of Pablo.  Chance helped write five songs on the disc: “Ultralight Beam,” “Waves,” “Feedback,” “Famous,” and “Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1.”

Chance also talks about feeling discomfort and awkwardness as a black man in America, and how he could relate to lead character Chris in Get Out, played by actor Daniel Kaluuya.  That prompts a discussion about Chance’s burgeoning acting career.

He states, “I actually did a movie that should be releasing in spring. It’s a horror comedy. We did not steal from Get Out. I’m very into film and strengthening what it means to be a rapper and to be a black dude from Chicago.”

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